At The End Of The Storm

Kirkus says: “An admirable exploration of the psyche of an especially tough protagonist.”


Daria Demarest abandoned spiritual aspirations in the freewheeling Sixties. But, years later, when she loses her glam network television job, she learns there’s money to be made from women seeking spirituality in everything from aromatherapy to mindfulness meditation. When she creates a show called Awakenings to reach these women, she’s back on top.

But when her teen daughter, Lizzy, announces she’s pregnant, Daria relives her own secret past as a young, unmarried mother who surrendered her first child. As her meticulously crafted life begins to unravel, she searches for the same healing she offers her devoted audience. Is releasing her shame and regret even possible? Can she ever repair relationships with family, friends, and the college love who offered her a life she wasn’t then ready to accept?

Only listening to—and relying on—new and untested inner guidance will help her find out.

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About Marleen Pasch

“My hope is that a reader walks away from my work feeling as if she’s learned something new–about herself, her life, her relationships–that helps her feel more at home with herself in the world.

“That’s what we’re here for, after all, isn’t it? To help each other travel our paths, no matter how circuitous?

“My experience of life in different locations–Upstate New York, Central Pennsylvania, Coastal Connecticut, Southeast Florida–helps create characters and situations that readers can get to know, identify with, be challenged by, and–hopefully–learn from so they can live more richly textured lives.”

Marleen Pasch (aka Madeleine Parish) is a novelist and essayist whose work on health, healing and spirituality often appears in journals (Breath and Shadow, The Phoenix Spirit) and anthologies (My Body of Knowledge, and Dozen). 

As a writing coach and editor, Marleen helps students, business people and aspiring authors find their Power on the Page. Before moving to Florida, she was a member of the Connecticut Festival of Words planning committee. She has lectured in universities and conducted writing workshops for both established and emerging writers.

After graduating from Cornell University, she was an award-winning corporate communications executive. She is a member of the National Women’s Book Association and the National League of American PEN Women.


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