I Loved Wake Up In Love

Any woman, any person, who has felt estranged from her body or soul…any woman who has found herself entangled in ill-suited behaviors or relationships…any woman who wants to feel free and alive in the world…will be inspired and encouraged by Penelope Love’s Wake Up in Love.

From her early days as a brilliant but abused child in Long Island, New York, to her wild-and-crazy days in South Florida, to her transformational adventures in India and Costa Rica, Love shares her story in honest but witty prose and straight-to-the-heart poetry.

This is not a tell-all memoir tainted by anger, regret, blame or shame. It’s not a simplistic “think yourself happy” fairy tale. It’s a journey from toxicity to liberation, made possible through meditation and Tantric practice—(No, I learned from this book, Tantra is not only about sexuality! It’s about observation and honesty, and the willingness to be real.)—and through a marriage of commitment to the other in that moment, in that place, for who they really are.

By sharing her frailties in early relationships and, finally, her wholeness in her second marriage to her teacher/companion, Love shows readers that dreaming of a better life (if only, if only) is a poor substitute for intimacy, for being present, now, to each moment of reality and truth.

As Love writes: “I love how Love lets neither lover / cling nor run for cover/ I love how Love sets neither one above the other.”

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